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From our Kitchen: Lime Meringue Pie

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From our Kitchen: Lime Meringue Pie

I have always loved creating a home from the early days pre husband and children when I was flatting through to marriage and having a family. My energies and creativity went in to trying to make my home welcoming for families and friends alike ( helped having a builder hubby) Gardening and cooking were no exception, and any time spent on doing either of these things was time well spent in my book !!!  so on this page, I would love to share some of our family favourite recipes for you to try. Enjoy.

My lime tree is full and dropping beautiful fruit, so instead of lemons that I would normally use, I have replaced them with limes. A nice wee twist on this recipe

Lime Meringue Pie

One sheet of Store bought sweet short pastry ( or make your own)


1 cup of sugar

4 tablespoons of cornflour

1 1/2 cups of water

¼ cup lime juice (or to taste. I like my pie tangy so I add ⅓ cup)

55g of butter

2 eggs separated

Place pastry into a 25cm round deep dish that has been lightly sprayed and bake at 180C until a light golden brown (approx 20 mins).

While the pastry is cooking, put sugar, cornflour and water into a pot, whisking well and bring slowly to the boil stirring all the time.The mixture will thicken and turn from cloudy to opague as it thickens. Remove from the heat and add the butter. Stir in until melted.  Then add the 2 egg yolks (lightly beaten) to the hot mixture beating very quickly as you add them, so they don’t become cooked lumps of egg. Lastly add the lemon juice and return to the element on a low heat stirring well. Do this for 30 seconds and then remove from the element.

Pour immediately onto the cooked pastry.

Beat egg whites until peaks form and then add ⅓ cup of sugar and beat until sugar is dissolved. Add the meringue to the top of the lime fill and spread evenly and quickly and place back into the oven and bake until the meringue is golden brown.

Remove and let sit and cool to allow the filling to set. It is best served slightly warm with whipped cream or yoghurt.

Enjoy.   (limes can be replaced with lemons)