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Plant Care: Surviving Winter

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Plant Care: Surviving Winter

As the temperature outside and inside our homes drop, as we head into the colder months, our indoor plants are also slowing down to become dormant over winter and take a well deserved break. To help your indoor plants survive the cold winter months, follow these tips!

The start of winter is an ideal time to take a close look at your plants and to tidy up any yellowing or dead leaves (a little pruning), check for any pests, and wipe the leaves of any dust to allow maximum light to get to the leaf over these short sunlight hours (a soft cloth, a couple of drops of lemon juice and tepid water should do the trick!). Also a light misting of the leaves from time to time can help keep dust and mites at bay.

It may be that you have to move one or two of your plants around to a warmer spot in your home, if that is their preferred position just over this cooler period.

Make sure that any plants, near windows, are not touching the glass, as glass gets extremely cold at night and this will affect the plant & leaf. Also keep your gorgeous plants out of drafty spots or away from any winter heating. Both extremes will cause your babies angst.

Another job is to check the root ball of your plant. If it has had a happy healthy spring and summer, it will have grown, and now is a good time to decide if it needs to be repotted to the next size up container. If you size up, then do it now, using good quality potting mix and it will have settled nicely as spring arrives all ready for spring growth. There will be more on this on our blog at a later date.

Your plants like to rest up over winter, so there is no need to fertilize or feed them.

And lastly….WATERING…...this is where things can come unstuck for plants and their owners. During the cooler months plants need much less water than during the warmer months. Overwatering kills!!!! Check the top inch or 2 of your soil and if it’s dry then water. Don’t let plants sit in a tray or saucer of water once you have done this. Drain any surplus  water away. Do not continue to water as you would when it warmer as with less warmth & humidity your plant will struggle with cold and damp feet.

And as always, if you have any questions give us a message over @littlegreencorner_