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LECA 500g indoor plant propagation

LECA 500g


LECA stands for lightweight expanded clay aggregate. Essentially, LECA is a growing medium, like soil, in which you can grow your plants but is mainly recommended for propagation. Sent in a biodegradable and compostable ecobag. 


  • It's easier to water your plants
  • Less risk of root rot
  • The risks of getting pests are reduced
  • You can easily "check in" on your plants and see the root growth
  • Can be reused again and again 
  • Can be added into soil mix for planting 

Instructions for use:

LECA should be thoroughly rinsed several times and soaked overnight. Rinse outside in a strainer or in a bucket of water as the silt can easily clog indoor plumbing.

Add a couple of centimetres of LECA to your container. Place your stem cutting in the container, and fill in around it with more LECA, to within 2 cms of the top of the container. Next, add water to the container to come to about 2 cms from the top of the LECA.

Monitor the water level as it will drop over time due to evaporation.  The LECA will wick water up to the nodes as long as there is water at the base of the container so over time you can allow the water level to decrease, but never allow all the water to evaporate. You can gently remove the cutting at weekly intervals to check for growth. Do not attempt to remove LECA from the roots of your plant. This can stay attached when planting and will help the transition from water roots to soil roots.