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About us

We are a family who believes life is better surrounded by nature. We are homemakers who like quality decor, and we are people who are passionate about gifting thoughtful and sustainable gifts. Little Green Corner is a place where you can find the perfect green gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Each month the team hand-picks a fresh range of indoor plants and pairs them with the perfect pot, whether it's a simple terracotta pot, a stylish stoneware planter or a touch of luxury in a handmade ceramic pot, we pride ourselves on sourcing on-trend indoor plants and pots that fit every occasion.

We LOVE that we are in the business of bringing happy healthy plants into homes. All of our plants are grown in NZ in native climates. We are conscious of our impact on the planet and use sustainable packaging where we can. Our boxes are made from 68% recycled paper and the rest is from sustainable trees grown in New Zealand and are fully recyclable. 

We look forward to sharing our love of plants with you. Whether you are new to plant parenthood or a seasoned collector, we hope we can help you find the perfect green gift for a little green corner. 

Rach & Nick x