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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my house plant look like the one in the picture?

The purchased plant may vary from the product image. Plants are living, breathing things – no two are exactly alike! There can be variations in color, variegation, growth, and maturity. While we make every effort to display our potted plants and colours as accurately as possible, the colours you see will depend upon your monitor.

If ever you are unhappy with the differences in your piece versus what is displayed online, please contact us 

Can I return or exchange my plant or plant?

Little Green Corner does not accept returns or exchanges on any of our plants or items. 

My plant or pot arrived damaged, what do I do?

We’re so sorry your plant or pot was damaged during shipping. We do all we can to ensure your plant order is packaged as best as possible and guarantee your plants leave us in 100% great health. However, at times live plants and courier deliveries don't always make the best combo. Leafs may be lost, bent or bruised and soil may be displaced while in transit. Your plants will recover from their little adventure, and with the right care continue to thrive once they find their place and settle into their new home.

If you find your plant has suffered severe damage during its journey to you please email within 2 working days. Send a picture of your damage with the plant still within its packaging so we can lodge a claim with our courier and a refund will be arranged.

What’s wrong with my plant? Help!

Don’t freak out, everything’s going to be great! We’re here to help you with all your plant questions or concerns! Our expertise doesn’t stop once your plant leaves our studio. From simple, customised care instructions included with your plant to real-life support, we want to make plant care easy. Feel free to email, or message us with any questions you have.

How does the plant arrive?

We have our own corrugated cardboard boxes, they’re made from 68% recycled paper and the rest is from sustainable trees grown in New Zealand and the boxes are fully recyclable. They’re designed to protect the plant during delivery, by locking the plant in place. They also look great when they’re delivered. The boxes open easily and have slots inside to allow a greeting card to be added without the need to use glue or extra packaging. 


If we unfortunately make a mistake on our inventory and an item is out of stock but paid for in full, you will be notified and refunded as soon as possible. 

Do you offer a gift service?

If you are wanting to purchase the plant as a gift for someone special please add a comment at checkout with a special message and the names of who it is to and from. We can add a Little Green Corner note card to the order which will include your special message. 

Should I buy a plant for a friend that doesn't currently own any plants? She is a total beginner.  

I would say YES! Plants can sometimes get a bad rep of being high maintenance. Too many of us are intimidated by the responsibility of plant care when in reality it is very simple. It's often as easy as putting your plant in the right place (with the right sunlight) and watering it once a week. We cover this all in our care guides and set you up with the knowledge you need to make your plant thrive. 

Why do plants make good gifts?

Fresh flowers are quite wasteful, leaving behind a hot mess of wilted stems, so it’s no wonder that millennials prefer houseplants for their evergreen power.

Plants are one of the hardiest, sustainable gifts you can find, the classic appeal of sleek green leaves is as timeless as it is foolproof.

A well-tended houseplant is the gift that keeps on giving. A beautiful sense of achievement that can be marveled at for years.