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plant care tips

I’m scared of killing plants, what do I do?

We feel you! You're a plant parent now, so much responsibility! Just remember: it’s all about the light.

Think of where you want to put the plant and what type of light you get in that area. If its low light, don’t get a high light plant. If direct light, only get direct light-tolerant plants. Make sure you read the plant care section on each product page to check if the plant suits the light where you want to put it in your home.

We include plant care cards in your package, so we’ll be there with you every step of the way. You can always email us at


My plants leaves are yellow. What’s going on?

The only thing we can say for certain is that your plant is stressed, but there can be a lot of reasons why it’s feeling stressed. How widespread is the yellowing? If it’s just the bottom leaves, see the answer in the next question about leaf drop.

One of the most common causes of yellowing leaves is overwatering. If you feel your soil a few inches deep - is it wet or very damp? If so, you may be overwatering your plant.

Is the plant near a drafty window, in front of an A/C, or near a heating unit? Large changes in temperature throughout the day can stress a plant out.

Still not sure? Message us at to chat more.


My plants leaves are dropping. What’s going on?

Check your plant for new growth. If you’ve got some buds and/or leaves coming in, your plant is perfectly fine. It’s normal for plants to shed older growth in order to divert the energy it’s producing to spurn new growth.


My plants leaves are drooping. What’s going on?

It’s probably just in need of a little hydration! Give it a drink of water and it’ll perk right back up throughout the day.