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Due to current postage delays and because of time sensitive stock, Little Green Corner is only shipping within the South Island. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Baby Succulents 9cm
Baby Succulents 9cm
Baby Succulents 9cm
Baby Succulents 9cm
Baby Succulents 9cm
Baby Succulents 9cm
Baby Succulents 9cm
Baby Succulents 9cm
Baby Succulents 9cm

Baby Succulents 9cm


Crassula Ovata 'Jade Plant'
Echeveria 'Black Prince'
Echeveria Green
Oscularia Deltoides
Sedum Album
Sempervivum 'Chicks'
Sempervivum 'Clumping'

Succulents come in such a wide range of size, colour, shape and texture and are found all over the world. Once you learn their needs, they will quickly become some of your favourite types of plants. 

Care tips:

  • Make sure they receive enough light or they will become stretched and leggy
  • Rotate them each time you water so they grow evenly and not lopsided
  • Water according to the season and when your plant is actively growing
  • Avoid water on the leaves. Bottom water or just water the soil 
  • Keep the leaves clean and free of dust to allow them to photosynthesise 
  • Only use containers with drainage - cover pots can be used to hide the nursery pot
  • When using cover pots avoid sitting the pot in water
  • Using the correct soil will affect the health of the succulent - a fast draining, chunky soil is recommended 
  • Keep an eye out for pests or signs of rotting and act on them immediately 

All succulents have slightly different needs and will come with their own care tips card when sent. 

9cm POT

Shipping: Flat rate delivery fee of $12.00 nationwide.

Please note: The purchased plant may vary from the product image. Plants are living, breathing things – no two are exactly alike, there can be variations in colour, variegation, growth, and maturity. Succulent ID's may not be 100% correct as in many cases correct identification cannot be made until mature. 

Most orders ship in 2-4 business days. We dispatch plant orders on Monday and Tuesday each week to avoid any risk of your order sitting in the courier depot over the weekend. If your plant order is placed on Tuesday (after 12pm) - Sunday we will dispatch the following Monday.