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BioPower seaweed flake for indoor plants

BioPower Seaweed Flake


BioPower Seaweed Flake is a pure seaweed bio stimulant extracted from fresh Ascophyllum nodosum, for use on ornamentals, fruit, vegetables and turf to enhance plant growth, improve yields and crop quality. Consistent use of Seaweed Flake supplements a well balanced nutritional programme. 


  • Stimulates the growth of roots and overall plant vigour
  • Increases the plants resistance to stress
  • Increases bloom set, size of flowers and fruits
  • Increases and stabilises chlorophyll in plants, resulting in darker leaf colour

How it works:

  • Promotes stronger stem and leaf growth. It accelerates photosynthesis and further develops healthy foliage.
  • Contains natural plant growth material including auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins. The trace elements present in BioPower concentrate are in naturally chelated form and are readily available to plants.
  • Induces flowering, prevents shedding of leaves and prevents fall of unripe fruits.
  • Consists of many plant nutrients including Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Boron.
  • Contains calcium. Calcium thickens cell walls and is a critical component of a plant’s defence mechanism.
  • Contains Potassium which is the only nutrient that does not become part of the chemical structure of the plant. Potassium regulates the osmotic potential of the plant. It also activates a number of enzymes including those involved in production of carbohydrates and promotes cell division and growth.
  • Reduces transplant shock. It shows an increase in resistance to some fungi, molds,aphids and mites which attack plants at various stages.
  • Is compatible with commonly used insecticides an fungicides and can be incorporated into a pest management program.
  • Promotes healthy plants which improves a plant’s resistance to adverse growing conditions caused by; disease, insect attack, drought, wet conditions and cold.

Directions for use: Fill sprayer with the required amount of water and add 10gms of BioPower Seaweed Flake per 5 litres of water (2gms per litre). Using the measuring cap supplied 5mls = 2gms. Application rates can be found on the bottle as well as with a care sheet that gets sent out with every purchase.

Application methods: Foliar spraying, pot plant root drench, pre germination seed soaking, soil application.