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organic neem oil insecticide for indoor plants
organic neem oil insecticide for indoor plants
organic neem oil insecticide for indoor plants

Organic Neem Oil Insecticide 250ml


Not all Neem Oils are the same. Native Neem Organic Neem Oil Insecticide is one of the highest grade certified organic oils available today. Our Neem Oil contains high amounts of azadirachtin and is patented and processed in the traditional Indian way without the use of heat, chemicals or petrochemicals. In this way, it retains all the well-balanced nutrients, many of which would otherwise be lost.  

As a preventative, Native Neem Organic Neem Oil Insecticide can be used when pest problems are just starting to show. By spraying to coat the leaf surface, this will prevent the germination of any fungal spores. Neem is effective against rot, mildew, rust, scab, leaf spot and blight. It works as a barrier, not as a fungicide and makes a great garden spray as a general tonic for your plants and soil. 


  • Certified Organic
  • Plant Health as it controls broad spectrum of Fungicide, Insecticide, Miticide For Indoor/Outdoor use on Ornamental Flowering Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Foliage, and Home & Residential Landscapes
  • Effective in controlling Black Spot, Mildew, Rust, Scab, Whiteflies, Aphids, scale, borer, aphids, spider mites, grass grubs, mealy bugs, thrips, leaf spots, codling moth, nematodes, leaf rollers, leafhoppers, botrytis, twig and tip blight, Alternaria, plus a lot more
  • It is effective in controlling more than 200 insects and pests
  • Non-toxic to humans, birds, earthworms or animals
  • Bee Safe

Ingredients: Neem (Azadirachta Indica) extract

How to use: Shake the bottle well. Add 5 to 15 ml of Neem Oil Insecticide to 1 litre of water, mix well and use for spraying. Native Neem Organic Neem Oil Insecticide should be applied on a 7 to 14-day schedule until the potential for disease development is no longer present.