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Dichondra argentea 'silver falls' indoor house plant
Dichondra argentea 'silver falls' indoor house plant
Dichondra argentea 'silver falls' indoor house plant

Silver Falls


Silver Falls is a vigorous plant that forms a mass of soft pewter leaves on silver stems. These fan-shaped, shimmering silvery leaves look stunning in a hanging basket and will stand out against your other green leaved plants. This is classed as a ground cover plant so will quickly fill any pot before it starts tumbling down to create a full, easy care plant. Can go inside or outside in a sheltered area. This plant will wilt when it needs watering and can tolerate heat and drought well. 

Plant info

  • Botanical name: Dichondra argentea
  • Common name: Silver Falls
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Light: Thrives in bright indirect light and can go in direct sun. Can tolerate part shade. 
  • Water: Water when plant starts to wilt or when the soil has dried out between waterings. Overwatering will cause leaf-loss at the base. 
  • Humidity: Doesn't require any extra humidity. 


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