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Senecio radicans 'string of bananas' indoor house plant
Senecio radicans 'string of bananas' indoor house plant
Senecio radicans 'string of bananas' indoor house plant

String of Bananas


This is a hardy plant and much easier to grow than its cousin, the string of pearls. With its thicker stems, larger leaves and fast growing rate, you'll quickly have a lush and long hanging plant. If it grows too long it can easily be cut, left to callous over and stuck right back into the soil to have a fuller plant. You'll literally go bananas with this stunning succulent!

Plant info

  • Botanical name: Senecio radicans
  • Common name: String of Bananas 
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Light: Thrives in bright indirect light, may get leggy in lower light. 
  • Water: Water sparingly, allowing soil to dry out completely between watering’s. Increase frequency when the plant is actively growing. Will handle drought better than over watering.
  • Humidity: Doesn't require any extra humidity. 


Please note: The purchased plant may vary from the product image. Plants are living, breathing things – no two are exactly alike, there can be variations in colour, variegation, growth, and maturity.

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